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Middlesbrough Bowling Club


NYBL League

Played on Monday and Thursday evenings, Middlesbrough Bowling Club has two teams that participate in the North Yorkshire Bowls League. Typically, games start at 6.30pm and are played at home and away venues.


Bowlers wishing to participate in these leagues should nominate using the nomination sheets in the club.

Dress Code - Club Shirts and Grey Trousers or Grey Shorts with Bowls England logo on  .                                               Details of 2020 fixtures are listed below - results will be updated accordingly as games are played.

No trial ends.1shot on first 2 ends April and August games start @ 6-00pm May June and July start @ 6-30pm

All games play 21 ends.                                                                    

League Starts on Thursday 23rd April 2020

Middlesbrough 'A' Team        





Middlesbrough 'B' Team






















Thursday      23rd   (Home)  v  Nunthorpe

Monday        27th   (Away)   v  Skelton

Thursday     30th   (Home)   v  Hutton Rudby                                                                          



Monday         4th    (Away)   v   B. Team                

Thursday      7th    (Home)   v  Northallerton 

Monday       11th   (Away)    v   Brotton

Thursday    14th   (BYE)

Monday       18th   (Away)    v Jack Hatfield

Thursday     21st   (Away)    v  Saltburn

Thursday    28th  (Home)     v Guisborough K.G.V.  



Monday         1st  (Away)     v   Smith Dock  

Thursday      4th  ( Home)    v  Thornaby  

Monday        8th   (Away)     v  Thornaby Village

Thursday   11th   (Home)     v  Borough Park    

Monday      15th  (Away)      v   Guisborough Priory  

Thursday   18th  (Home)      v  Marske  

Monday      22nd (Home)      v  Cochranes    

Thursday    25th (Away)       v  Nunthorpe  



Thursday        2nd (Home)   v  Skelton                         Monday          6th (Away)     v  Hutton Rudby              Thursday       9th (Home)     v  B. Team                              Monday       13th (Away)      v  Northallerton    

Thursday    16th  (Home)     v  Brotton

Monday       20th  (BYE

Thursday     23rd (Home)     v  Jack Hatfield

Thursday      30th Home)     v  Saltburn  



Monday        3rd (Away)      v  Guisbrough K.G.V.    

Thursday      6th (Home)     v  Smith Dock

Monday      10th (Away)      v  Thornaby

Thursday   13th (Home)     v  Thornaby Village

Monday     17th (Away)      v  Borough Park

Thrsday    20th (Home)      v  Guisborough Priory

Monday     24th (Away)      v  Marske

Thursday  27th (Away)      v  Cochranes




Free dates on 25th May, 29th June and 27th July










To view the results from other games being played around the county,                                                                                                 please use the links below:

North Yorkshire Bowls League competion, please use link below

Fixtures and Results

To view the latest results and table for the league.

North Yorkshire Bowls League Table


Thursday  23rd  (Away)    v  Northallerton    

Monday     27th  (Home)   v  Brotton

Thursday  30th  (BYE)                    



Monday      4th  (Home)    v  A. Team                    

Thursday    7th  (Away)    v  Saltburn

Monday      11th  (Home)  v Guisborugh K.G.V

Thursday   14th  (Away)   v Smith Dock

Monday      18th  (Home)  v Thornaby

Thursday   21st  (Home)  v Thornaby Village

Thursday   28th  (Away)  v  Brough Park



Monday        1st  (Home)  v  Guisbough Priory      

Thursday      4th (Away)   v  Marske                    

Monday        8th (Home)   v  Cochranes      

Thursday   11th  (Away)   v  Nunthorpe      

Monday      15th (Home)   v  Skelton      

Thursday   18th  (Away)   v  Hutton Rudby

Monday      22nd (Away)   v  Jack Hatfield

Thursday    25th (Home )  v  Northallerton    



Thursday       2nd (Away)   v  Brotton    

Monday          6th (BYE)      

Thursday        9th (Away)    v  A. Team        

Monday         13th (Home)   v  Saltburn    

Thursday      16th (Away)   v  Guisborugh K.G.V.

Monday         20th (Home)  v  Smith Dock    

Thursday      23rd (Away)   v  Thornaby  

Thursday      30th (Away)   v  Thornaby Village  



Monday        3rd (Home)   v  Borough Park

Thursday        6th (Away)  v  Guisborough Priory        

Monday        10th (Home)  v  Marske  

Thursday     13th (Away)   v  Cochranes  

Monday        17th (Home)  v  Nunthorpe  

Thursday     20th (Away)   v  Skelton  

Monday        24th (Home)   v   Hutton Rudby    

Thursday     27th (Home)   v  Jack Hatfield




Free dates on 25th May,  29th June and 27th July